Sinistra has been a long time coming. It had been just an idea for years when a switch finally flicked and we realised it needed to become a reality.

We know bicycle technology is forever moving into new territory, however we still love a certain type of road bike. A bike that we feel captures the true essence of cycling: simplicity. That’s not to say our frames will never evolve, but for now, our bikes ride and look exactly how we like.

We use the finest steel tubing available and our frames are hand made in Italy by some of the most experienced frame builders on the planet. The result is a bike with a lively ride quality, classic looks and the durability that only steel offers. Until you’ve experienced it, it’s hard to truly explain. 

Our philosophy is to create the best bicycles possible, and in a way that excites us. No compromises.

This is what a road bike should be. At least in our eyes, anyway.